Baccarat Secret

Baccarat is a simple yet incredibly fun online casino Malaysia game that has its origins from the noble aristocrats of 19 th century France, which is why the word itself sounds very Frenchy to begin with. But as a player in the online casino Malaysia baccarat world, what are some secrets that can give you a significant advantage over those baccarat dealers that always win?

Baccarat online Malaysia games exist today because of its elegant and classy betting experience alongside rules and playing styles not too complicated for baccarat Malaysia players like us. Its popularity will only continue to stay strong and relevant for decades to come, which is why learning some secrets will be very helpful to keep you competitive!

And to start things off, the first secret to optimise your online casino Malaysia baccarat experience is to…

Get a Baccarat Coach

This may sound rather unconventional and not what you might expect to be the first secret, but wouldn’t it be great if you have the crucial help of an experienced baccarat online Malaysia player who has been through it all with a strong track record of consistent big wins?

You might be surprised to hear that a lot of other baccarat Malaysia players bet on their own. This means if they’re ever losing too many times while betting on horrible rounds of online casino Malaysia baccarat, there is no one who can help them to recover their losses and kickstart a winning streak.

That is why coaching is important, and it can truly make a difference in the way you analyse the online casino Malaysia baccarat system of rules and odds. Once you get yourself a baccarat coach, no banker can ever take advantage of you anymore! The next secret then, is to…

Baccarat Secret

Know Your Odds

Online casino Malaysia baccarat games have three main betting boxes, with each having their own difficulties and reward rates. So it would not be such a good idea to just jump in and place your bets on a baccarat table without giving them some
measured analysis and critical thinking
on those decisions.

This isn’t to say that you have to take it slow and steady, but at least be aware of what each betting box represents before taking the leap. To help you out, below are some points on what each box represents:

  • The “Player” Box: Known for not being the easiest or hardest box to bet on, this is the most balanced option to go with. There will not be any percentage cuts from betting in this box, though do not expect your reward rates to be crazy high either.
  • The “Banker” Box: The safest option you can find, with your chances of a win that much higher. But in-exchange for those better odds, their reward rates are the lowest, and there is a percentage cut on all of your bet profits which will go to the dealer.
  • The “Tie” Box: This is definitely the riskiest option of them all, where the dealer has more than 14% of an additional chance in winning over you. But if you do end up as the winner instead, your winnings will be at its highest compared to the other two boxes.

Without knowing what each of those three boxes represent, it can be easy to just pick one and go without any forethought. Now that you have this information within your mind, you can breathe a little easier when it is time for some decisions to be made.

Speaking of that, another important secret is to…

Utilise Your Bonuses

What good is there to play in an online casino Malaysia baccarat game, when there are no online betting promotions for you to take full advantage of? From a life-saving 1% Rebate to an easy 100% Free Bonus, they can make a significant difference in boosting your potential big wins and reward rates after adding all the numbers up!

Below are all of the online betting promotions that you should keep a close eye on:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Rescue Bonus
  • Daily Check-In Bonus
  • Daily Reload Bonus
  • Weekly Bonus
  • Win Extra Bonus
  • VIP Bonus
  • Birthday Month Instant Bonus
  • Cashback/Rebate
  • Cash/Item Giveaway

Not all of them will be directly applicable to your baccarat Malaysia games, but it is very important to know what bonuses you are entitled for. If you are having trouble with remembering all of them, contact your online casino Malaysia platform’s customer service team. Get them to update you on all of their online betting promotions and its details in a timely manner, like a dedicated virtual assistant. That way, you can focus on your online casino Malaysia baccarat betting odds.

The Important Points to Remember

Playing baccarat does not have to be a tough online casino Malaysia game to bet on and play, when there are plenty of available resources and knowledge pools for you to leverage on. Remember these three points, and you will be fine:

  • Get a baccarat coach, and let him/her guide you to the path of a professional online casino Malaysia baccarat player.
  • Know your odds, because placing bets in different boxes of a baccarat table will present different pros and cons.
  • Utilise your bonuses, especially when they can help you potentially double or even triple your reward rates in a successful baccarat Malaysia game.

It is time to find yourself a reputable baccarat coach, learn as much as you can, and start winning big in your favourite online casino Malaysia baccarat game with that 100% Welcome Bonus today!