What is a simple online casino Malaysia game that allows you to experience exciting and quick big wins with a bit of luck, strategic thinking, mathematics and poker cards? Well, look no further than a game called blackjack! But since we are all Malaysians over here, let’s focus less on the international version and more on the one that’s popular at home: Chinese Blackjack.

Chinese Blackjack in Malaysia is a very popular online casino game that serves as a favourite past-time (during Chinese New Year) and a source of casual competition among friends and family alike. If you are interested in being part of this, how exactly is a blackjack online Malaysia game played for bets?

First of all, you will have to…

Know the Numbers from Each Card

Before you can even think about strategies and game plans, the fundamental rules of a live blackjack Malaysia game depends a lot on what each card represents. While the cards with the numbers 2 to 9 are relatively straightforward, the rest are valued in the following ways:

  • The joker, queen and king cards are individually valued as a 10.
  • Ace cards are valued differently, based on the number of cards you have.
    o If you have two cards, the ace can be valued as either a 10 or an 11.
    o If you have three cards, the ace can be valued as either a 1 or a 10.
    o If you have four or more cards, the ace can only be valued as a 1.

It is incredibly important that you are fully aware of such numbers and how they can secure you a big win in a blackjack online Malaysia game. Without such knowledge, you wouldn’t know if you’re blessed with a winning combo or a loser’s. With that done, the next thing would be for you to…

Stay Close to 21 or Match It

The winner of a blackjack online Malaysia game is determined by how the numerical value in each of your cards total up to a number that is close to 21. The closer you are to it when compared to the others, will effectively secure you a win. It’s even better if all your cards total up to the exact number of 21, which is a no-contest win. However, if all your cards total up to a number that exceeds 21, you will automatically lose.

Of course, no one in the same live blackjack Malaysia game will know what cards you hold. Likewise, you will not know what everyone else’s cards are either. So the challenge in reaching or staying close to 21 is:

  • Knowing the set of cards you have and determining how close or on-point you are to the number 21.
  • Get a read on what cards the house and other players may have, based on what you already hold.

It may seem incredibly difficult to assess and determine what cards the house and other players may possess. But with a bit of mathematical skills and knowledge in probabilities, the strategic and mind-reading process for a blackjack online Malaysia game becomes that much easier! Then you can start to feel like a Malaysian God of Gambler!

Once you have all of that sorted out, up next is for you to…

Receive Your Cards & Stop When it is Time

The house (or dealer) is the one who will shuffle the cards and draw them out, effectively taking on the lead role. So if you are there as a blackjack online Malaysia player, you and the other players will receive a card for each turn. The house will continue to draw cards until everyone signals that they are satisfied with how many cards they have, which can occur at different times.

There are no limits when it comes to how many cards you can hold, though it is advisable to not possess too much. But why? Because you don’t want to risk having your cards totalling past the 21 number! This is when expectations must be heavily managed, and no greed nor temptation should take over your need for logical decisions.

So is that all there is to it? Actually, you can also…

Use Psychological Warfare Tactics

If you have the time to prepare ahead for your blackjack online Malaysia game, employing simple psychological warfare tactics can help you reduce the confidence of both the house and other players.

In a live blackjack Malaysia game where no one really knows what the other player has, it helps to make them believe (truthfully or falsely) that the cards you hold are either smaller or larger than what you actually do. This is the one aspect in a live blackjack Malaysia game that doesn’t rely on luck or timing, but more on skills and well-controlled behaviors.

In Summary

Within an online casino Malaysia platform, achieving big wins and bragging rights in a blackjack online Malaysia game is definitely possible if you observe the following things:

  • Know the numbers from each card, with complete awareness on what they all mean.
  • Have all your cards stay close to the total number of 21, or match it.
  • Receive your cards & stop when it is time, because part of an effective live blackjack Malaysia game is to manage expectations and not let your emotions take over.
  • Use psychological warfare tactics as a way of affecting the house and other players into behaving how you would want them to.

With all the knowledge that you now have in blackjack online Malaysia, it’s time to do some proper damage and get those big wins in your preferred online casino Malaysia platform!