How to win first prize in 4D Malaysia?

4D toto lottery is one of the coolest and most popular casino games in Malaysia. Not only Malaysians love the easy nature of 4D but we also like trying our lucks on the big numbers of our choice to try and win big. And the best thing about 4D toto lottery is that you don’t need to know any difficult hacks or tricks to make your win for the play. All you need to know is how 4D toto lottery works and how to win 4D first prize by your selection of numbers.

How does 4D lottery work?

How to win first prize in 4D Malaysia
How to win first prize in 4D Malaysia? – Complete Guideline.

So, a quick recap of how 4D lottery works. First, you must choose a four digit number from 0000-9999. When the lottery is drawn, the selected 23 sets of numbers will determine the first prize, second prize, and third prize from a group of 10 finalists and there will also be consolation and special prizes. The 4D lotteries in Malaysia are usually drawn on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, if you have selected a number, you have to sit tight until the days arrive and announce your lucky numbers.

However, we are not here to just win 4D. We are here to learn how to win 4D first prize in Malaysia. To choose your sure win 4D number, you will need a little strategizing, a moderate dose of luck, and some simple analysis of 4D. So, let’s get started.

1. Choose a 4 digit number

Your very first step is to select a 4 digit number from 0000-9999.

2. Select 4D playing odds

You can choose to play either Big Forecast or Small Forecast or both to play 4D. 4D will always have 23 winning numbers in total. If you choose Big Forecast, you will be eligible to win special and consolation prizes. You will basically have 23 chances of a win for a lower payout. However, if you choose Small Forecast, you will be eligible to win only 3 prizes, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize but with a higher payout. 

Big Forecast has more playing odds than Small Forecast. You can either choose to win first prize from 23 sets of odds of Big Forecast or 3 odds of win from Small Forecast or put your money on both.

3. Increase your chances of winning

Straight play and Lucky pick play depends on sheer luck. To learn how to win the first prize in 4D, you must up your game than just having simple luck. So, increase your chances of a win by opting for a variation of Roll Play. You can determine the first 3 digits and then ‘roll’ 1 number. This way, you can get 10 combinations of the number and buy them for RM 10. This will give a boost to your winnings.

Or you can opt for permutation play. Permutation pay will give you all possible digit combinations in different orders to give you the best chances of winning. If you like the combinations to include variations of all the 4 digits, there will be 24 combinations, for 3 digits there will be 12 permutations and so on and so forth.

4. Choose a sure win 4D number

This is the crucial part to learn how to win 4D first prize in Malaysia. By now, you know how to increase your chances of odds and winning. You also know whether you want small or big payout but it all depends on those 4 digits sure win 4D number that will win you the first prize.

Recently a team of data analytics conducted analysis on 4D to calculate 4D numbers and their winning odds. They have actually found evidence that some numbers in 4D are indeed luckier than the others. They formulated an analysis of 4D using python to recreate a simulation of this strategy. They used past winning data for the analysis of 4D and came up with the highest performing numbers from the past histogram of winners.

According to their analysis of 4D, here are the highest performing number and their subsequent winnings:

Winning NumbersPrize Amount 

And according to their analysis result, the following are the least performing numbers:

Winning NumbersPrize Amount 

To choose your sure win 4D number, you can pick the highest performing numbers and their combinations generated front the analysis of 4D to get you one step ahead to win the first prize in 4D. Also, avoid selecting the least performing numbers as they have lesser chances of win so there are hardly any chance of these numbers winning the first prize.

5. Analysis backed winning strategy

You can depend on luck and your own strategy combined with an analysis of 4D shown above to choose your sure win 4D number to win first prize. However, if you are a believer of data backing then you can also opt for this strategy developed by the analytics team to ace up your first prize-winning chances.

  • Start with $10,000 and buy $1 worth of 4D lottery. 
  • Purchase {($10,000 – current cash)/60 + 1}, rounded down, if you lose money. This way you can recoup your losses and regroup for the first prize in your next round.
  • If your cash spending exceeds $11,000, stop playing.

This strategy will give you the odds of playing at least 10,000 games. To win first prize once out of the 10,000 odds have very high chances. Besides, if you don’t win the first prize but win other places in one of the odds, you will have enough money to play again for the first prize. To lose all your money in this strategy, you will have to lose 10,000 times in a row, the probability of which is highly improbable.

So, now you know how to win the first prize in 4D in Malaysia. You know what to look for, which number to focus on, and how to increase your winning chance or adapt to a winning strategy. LV88 offers you the safest environment to play 4D. You can even play 4D Jackpots and 4D Powerball from Magnum 4D pri from LV88’s trusted platform. To try your luck on 4D, register to LV88 today. Maybe you will be the next big winner to tell your story of how to win first prize in 4D in Malaysia.

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