Nova88: What makes an online casino Malaysia platform highly successful at what it does best? One of those factors would be reputable and popular online casino Malaysia providers, as they are responsible for your favourite platform’s highly engaging and rewarding games. From casino/live casino to casino slots and sportsbook, without them your
positive experiences would not exist.

Amongst such providers, there is one with an incredibly rich history in the online casino Malaysia market for many solid years. Take pleasure in by means of real money online casino australia. And which would that be? Nova88! So without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn a bit about a provider that has given you a lot of big wins and happiness…

From IBCBet to MaxBet, and then Nova88

The current Nova88 name has undergone quite a lot of branding adjustments, as they started off as the humble yet reliable IBCBet. What they initially had going for them, was relaxing their bet limits to an amount so high that it shocked their fellow competitors. It gave them the competitive edge needed to attract online casino Malaysia players all over, and grow themselves as one of the country’s rising game providers.

Then the next step came when they re-branded themselves as MaxBet, to further solidify and maintain their control over the online casino Malaysia market. Even though they faced stiff competition from provider giants like Asia Gaming and Playtech, they thrived in the growing pressure to ensure that all online casino Malaysia players continue to enjoy big wins while having fun at the same time.

Once they clearly earned the privilege of being ranked amongst other provider giants, their eventual transformation to the current Nova88 brand took place. This is how they are now affectionately called Nova88 Malaysia, thanks to their dedicated services and loyalty to the online casino Malaysia landscape. So with all the popularity they enjoy, what do they currently provide to keep your quality experiences going? Let’s start off with…



Arguably their most popular category, Nova88 Malaysia’s sportsbook services are second-to-none. Under the Nova88 Maxbet names, they have been providing excellent odds for various sports and esports like the following:

  • Football/Soccer (sports)
  • Online Football/Soccer (esports)
  • Basketball (sports)
  • Tennis (sports)
  • Golf (sports)
  • Baseball (sports)
  • Rugby/American Football (sports)
  • Car/Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing (sports)
  • Horse Racing (sports)
  • Hockey (sports)
  • Table Tennis (sports)
  • Pool/Snooker (sports)
  • Professional Poker (sports)
  • First-Person Shooter (esports)

Above are just a small list of sports and esports that Nova88 Malaysia provide betting services for, at unparalleled odds and profitable returns in your favour.

Up next will be…

Live Casino

Nova88 Malaysia currently offers a decent amount of games within the live casino category, providing an online casino Malaysia player such as yourself with plenty of options to place big bets. Below are a some of their more popular games:

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker

While clearly not as many as their sportsbook category, their live casino games are still highly competitive enough with their engaging gameplays and big wins.

In Summary

The Nova88 MaxBet Malaysia factor has been a powerful presence in the online casino Malaysia industry, and they are only going to get better thanks to the following points:

  • Their empowering story from IBCBet to MaxBet, and then Nova88. They have been through a lot, and came out of it all as a giant provider for online casino Malaysia platforms.
  • The sportsbook category as their most popular reason for utilising their services, thanks to incredible betting odds that can lead to attractive big wins.
  • The live casino category that can compete with what the other providers have, as they have engaging games like baccarat and Russian roulette.

What more is there to talk about Nova88 Malaysia? Go and try their sportsbook/live casino services for yourself, and you won’t regret it!