Top 7 Strategies to Play Russian Roulette

Once upon a time, in the heart of Tsarist Russia, there lived a young German recruit. He was trying to cover up the suicide of his Russian comrade, so, in his letter to his superiors, he enacted a tale of a Russian Roulette to explain the death of the comrades. This is how the story of Russian Roulette became popular. According to the Tsarist Army Officers, this deadly game of Russian Roulette was infamous during the last days of World War I. 

As the narrative went, it was said that Russians used to randomly pull their revolvers, remove a single cartridge, spin the cylinder and point the gun to their head before pulling the trigger.  If they were lucky, then they would get the empty slot of the gun, and hence the trigger would pull a blank. Otherwise, they would be destined to death by their own hands.

This deadly game of chance has now evolved to adapt to the modern days. People don’t stake their lives in Russian Roulette anymore. However, they do stake their money playing by the same concept of Russian Roulette game with certain variations to test their luck.

Is Russian Roulette a game of sheer luck and chance?

Top 7 Strategies to Play Russian Roulette
Top 7 Strategies to Play Russian Roulette


The game does have bigger stakes but does not necessarily need to depend on only luck. The game is pretty simple for newbies and expert casino players. To start, you simply need to select a number and place a bet. Then, when the live dealer spins the wheel if the ball falls on your selected number, you win! To increase your chances of winning, here are top 7 strategies.

Top 7 strategies to win Russian Roulette Casino Game

Strategy 1 – Know your Russian roulette bets and payouts

There are many variations of placing bets on the Russian Roulette casino game. Learn about the bets and payouts offered to you to place your wagers wisely. For example, you can place both inside and outside bets in Russian roulette games. In inside bet, you will get to choose only 1 number while in an outside bet, you can mix up a large group of numbers to place your bet. Learn the payout patterns for each variation to choose your number variation wisely.

Strategy 2 – Play Russian Roulettes with better variations

There is no shortage of online casinos in Malaysia but choose online casinos like LV88 which has a diverse array of online Russian Roulette games with lots of options for number variations. That way, you can choose your number by betting on red and black, odd/even, lows or highs, dozens, or other such variation to increase your odds of winnings.

Strategy 3 – Keep tabs on payouts

Keep a roulette calculator on hand so that you can calculate your payouts and place the best bets at the right time.

Strategy 4 – Set a budget

Russian Roulette is a thrilling game of exciting choices that can pull you in without any caps on your money. So, determine your minimum and maximum budget for bets so that you don’t end up overspending your money.

Strategy 5 – Start small

Choose a table with European Roulette that has lower House Edge at only 2.70%. This will give you greater amounts of payout on your winnings. Also, start playing with smaller bets and slowly build up your experience and confidence before placing a big bet.

Strategy 6 – Place selective bets

Even if you have a large variation and options for Russian Roulette betting, do not place too many bets. More bets mean more spending and while you will win on 1 bet, you will lose on the others and end up with more loss than gains. So, start with even money bets to get the most out of the money. This will allow you to play for a longer duration with greater odds.

Strategy 7 – Avoid these 5 bet combinations

Never place this 5 number bet, 0-00-1-2-3. These bet combinations have the worst odds on the table and hence avoiding them would save you from losing in Russian Roulette games.

Top 4 bets with the best payouts

To implements your strategies, you need to know the top bets that deliver the best payouts in Russian Roulette casino. Here are 4 common bets with the best payouts.

1. Bet on Red or Black 

If you place this bet, it means you are wagering that the ball will fall on a pocket that is either Red or Black color. There are 18 red pockets and 18 black pockets, if the ball falls in any of these red or black pockets, you win! Hence, the odds of winning this bet are exponentially high for you.

2. Bet on Odd or Even 

You are betting that the ball will fall on either even or odd number. There are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers present in a wheel. So, this betting combination also has a pretty good chance of winning.

3. Bet on Split

With Split, you can place your bet on 2 numbers by placing a chip on the line between the 2 numbers on the table. Playing on 2 numbers rather than 1 obviously increases your odds by double.

4. Bet on Dozens

Dozens let you bet on 12 consecutive numbers on the roulette wheel. You can place your bet on first 12 number, second 12 number, or third 12 numbers to win with 2 to 1 odds.

Now, you know all the best hacks to win the Russian Roulette game even on your first try. All you need is a reliable casino to play this exciting game. We recommend LV88’s casino platform to kick start your Roulette game online. It is the safest and most trusted online casino in Malaysia with a super-fast payout system. Plus, with the variety of Russsian Roulette games available on the platform, you will have abundant choices to play Russian Roulette till your heart’s desire.